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M.D.Hoffmann Custom Knives

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Welcome to my Custom Knife Web Page:


My name is Mark Hoffmann, I hope you enjoy this web page and the custom knife photo's.

I started making knives around 1995 and find it both fun and rewarding. I'm a part-time knife maker using the stock removal method. The primary steel I use is 440C stainless steel and Damasteel stainless steel demascus. I make both fixed blade and folders, with folders being the most rewarding to make.

For handles I like to use Mother of Pearl, India stag, Mammoth Ivory and Buffalo horn. Stabilized wood and Micarta work well also. Titanium is used for liners in the folders and makes a nice contrast when anodized to color. I also do my own heat treating as well.

This web page building thing is new to me. I will try to update and improve the site in the future.

If you would like to contact me, please click below:

M.D.Hoffmann Custom Knives